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Professional Flame Retardant services

To ensure you have peace of mind during your event, we have our own in house flame retardant specialized service, JD Ignifugation, which can offer a solution to almost any flame proofing task. We use only non-toxic, easy to apply, first quality products that have been tested to the highest quality standards. Whether it be for wood, straw, fabric and even Christmas trees, we have the appropriate product.

We will test your materials requiring flame-retardant treatment to evaluate flame resistance properties and determine the applicable product. Send us your sample and we will test it, free of charge.

Our personnel is accredited by the State of California, which is one of the most rigorous state when it comes to fire safety, to issue official certificates. All our products are certified and registered with the California State Marshal. This certification ensures that the flame retardant protection has been applied following approved standards and according to reliable techniques by qualified personnel.

As a member of and in collaboration with the ATPIQ (Quebec’s Association of fire prevention technicians), Scapin Staging donates a percentage of its annual fire retardant product sales to the Quebec’s Firemen Foundation for Burn Victims. Thanks to you, we have donated over 20 000 $ to the cause in the past years.

ATPIQNFPAFondation des pompiers du Québec pour les grands brûlés


▪ Data Sheet FLAME STOP I »
  Interior flame retardant for fabric, paper & wood

▪ Data Sheet FLAME STOP II »
  Flame retardant coating for wood

▪ Data Sheet FLAME STOP III »
  Fire retardant paint additive

▪ Data Sheet FLAME STOP IM »
  Interior intumescent latex paint

▪ Data Sheet FLAME STOP I-DS »
  Flame retardant for open cell structures