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Praticables / Scènes et gradins
Escaliers / Garde-corps
Habillage de scène
Systèmes de rail
Systèmes autoportants pour rideaux
Ponts et structures
Toits de scène
Moteurs / distribution électrique
Capteur de charge (Load cell)
Tapis passe fils
Tapis de danse
Produits d'ignifugation
Peintures et vernis
Rubans adhésifs

The best products at the best prices
under one roof

With the largest inventory of Prolyte trusses and structures in Canada, a fabrication workshop for our risers and curtains and a wide selection of rigging accessories and staging equipment, Scapin Staging can guarantee the best products at the best prices.

Constantly on the leading edge when it comes to new products, Scapin Staging makes a point of offering the products used by the most demanding stage professionals and event organizers, whether it be for an outdoor event, a theatre company or a school auditorium.

We also offer a large range of related products at our sales counter, such as: scenic paint, fire retardants, textiles by the metre, adhesive tapes etc …

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