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Denis Lefrançois - CEO
Denis Lefrançois is one of the founders and past president of Solotech Inc. Under his leadership, Solotech became the Canadian leader of sales and rental of audio, video and lighting equipment for live entertainment including broadcast, stadia and arenas, and corporate events.
He was instrumental in the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec’s decision to become a major shareholder in the company. Mr. Lefrançois has since sold Solotech to the Claridge investment fund. He continues to sit on several boards for non-for-profit corporations.
He recently joined the management team at Show Distribution to ensure the continued growth of the company.

Nancy McNeil - Director of Human Resources
Nancy McNeil has thirty years of experience in the entertainment industry. During her career,she has been involved in areas involving both operations and administration of companies. As a producer, she worked for JD International from 1996 to 1998 where her contributions resulted in the streamlining of operations.
She later joined Solotech where she held positions as Director of Operations and Human Resources as well as Vice-President of Production. During her tenure with both companies, she was involved in several merger and acquisition transactions and helped organize numerousworld tours. In April of 2012, Nancy joined Scène Scapin as Director of HumanResources and Development where her wealth of experience contributed significantly to the growth of the company.

Hugh Blakely CPA, C.A.- Financial Controller
Mr. Hugh Blakely, a senior financial executive, with an extensive career in finance, operations, and general management, acts as Scapin’s Financial Controller.His expertise in reorganizing accounting records while streamlining processes and procedures is invaluable.
Mr. Blakely has had extensive experience in Russia, North America, and South America. He is a not only a Chartered Accountant,but he has also held the position of Chief Financial Officer for public corporations in the mining, manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

Domenico Baron, Operations Manager - Staging Equipement
Mr Baron brings 20 years of experience in the staging industry and has been part of the Scapin team since its onset. Initially hired as a rigger in the late 90s, Mr Baron has rapidly evolved to become supervisor, in charge of all technical aspects of a project: fabrication, installation, etc. He then heads the installation department and the warehouse, supervising the set-up of structures and stage roofs for major productions. He also manages purchasing and inventories while organizing transportation and installation logistics.

In 2012, his broad experience and multi-tasking abilities lead him to a position with the rental department as Coordinator. As part of his new role, Mr Baron reviews all ongoing projects details, oversees installation schedules, equipment needs and work methods, supervises job sites and coordinates inspections with the engineers. Mr Baron’s solid technical knowledge as well as management and resource allocation skills significantly contribute to our success in a field where on-hand know-how and logistics are essential.

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